Hey Everyone

Thought I’d do a quick catch up on what’s been happening lately. Over the past few weeks I’ve been back to my parents a couple more times and even meet up with them & my brother in Tesco’s cafe which has been great. I’m planning on meeting them in there again for the wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks time. I’ve also been back to Tesco and went in poundland and Lidl for the first time, I’ve also been back to the park a few times with my daughter and Jasper our dog and next week I’m planning on a trip to the beach with them both, which I am so excited about as I haven’t been there in about 16 years. I don’t live to far away from it but I think it will take about 40 minutes as I may come across issues on the way like dropped kerbs etc but I’m sure it will be amazing I’ll update you on how it goes.

I don’t get weighed for another couple of weeks which will then be a total of 17 weeks since I was last weighed. Had the odd blip but nothing to damaging and the last couple of weeks I’ve been super good and will be till I’m weighed then I plan on having a Chinese afterwards before starting again with my new calories the day after, I’ll let you know how the weigh in goes.

I had an issue with my ribs for a few days which mean’t I couldn’t get out of bed but other then that I’ve been good. Have a few appointments or follow up appointments over the next few weeks to sort a cushion for my wheelchair, a new sling for the hoist so I can finally go in the shower which will be amazing and my new denture which has been made but is currently making my gums to sore so I’m using the old one.

I mentioned in my last blog post that I’d done a few videos for you tube and I have done more since. I’m surprised at myself but I’ve really enjoyed doing them and it’s giving my confidence an extra boost which is only a good thing. My brother has given me a basic lesson in editing so I’m gonna try and put something together from my trip to the beach and if after Christmas I’m still enjoying it, I may invest in some better equipment. I will leave a link to You tube and my Instagram below if anyone would like to follow or subscribe.



Last but by no means least I have some great news, my poem about mental health “Four walls & me” (I shared it in a blog post on here a few weeks back) is being read out & displayed at a exhibition in London by the Advacacy Project next week which is just phenomenal. I’m unable to be there sadly as my sitting tolerance is only around 2 hours and the train journey alone would be 3 hours but thankfully they’ve agreed to record it on their phone for me and take some pictures so I’ll be able to see which is amazing. I will update you fully after the event as there is more to add to this story so watch this space 🙂

I think I’m pretty much up to date now. I hope you & yours are all well & you keep fighting on. Please comment & like below as I love to read what is going on with you.

Take Care
Lainie xx