I mentioned in my last post that I was gonna do a calorie update & I thought I would add a sort of what I eat in a typical day alongside for if anyone was interested.

I have been up and down with my calories since I started losing weight going as low as 1500 and up to 2200 this was due to not being sure what I should be on given my size & being unable to exercise due to being mostly bedbound. I started to look into what happens to your body and read up on the metabolism.

I used an online Tdee (Total daily energy expenditure) calculator which takes into account various things like your weight, age, level of exercise etc. It then calculates what calories your body roughly needs per day, however because I don’t do any exercise I work off Basel Metabolic rate and not my total, your Basel rate is basically the energy used by your organs to keep them working.

My calories came out at 2512 these are my maintenance calories, but in order to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit, 500 less per day is approximately one pound per week loss. I have decided to do 1900 which is 612 below my maintenance and I’m hoping that gives me a steady one pound a week loss, usually you would adjust your calories every so many weeks as the losses got smaller and your weight did. I’m unable to get weighed until October so I think I may reduce them by 50 calories at the start of September to take into account the weight I should have lost and hopefully it will show on the scales in October.

I feel doing it this way means I’m not messing with my metabolism by eating to low and I don’t feel like I’m missing out as I include the things I love in moderation.

I’m not looking to do this quickly but I am looking to do it permanently, it took me over 30 years to get to my biggest weight so if it takes 5 or even 10 years to lose it, that’s pretty good going in my book. Slow & steady wins the race as they say…. ask the tortoise!
Typical day with 1900 Calories
Breakfast – Scrambled egg on wholemeal toast with flora light spread & a cuppa tea
Total Calories 406


Dinner (Lunch) – Mackerel with Caesar salad & Cuppa tea
Total Calories – 474


Afternoon Snack – Blackberries & Strawberries
Total Calories – 32


Tea (Dinner) – Vegetable Curry with Wholegrain rice & Cuppa tea
Total Calories – 742


Evening snacks – Nut Shot & Blue Riband
Total Calories – 241

Total Daily Calories 1895

I try to get as near to 1900 without going over and though this is just one day it will give you some idea of the foods I have. I love nuts and chocolate and having those in moderation makes me feel like I’m not missing out but being within my calories hopefully means that come October I will be lighter than I am now hopefully by a few pounds… I will keep you posted.