Well it is currently 7.15pm on Sunday night and the past however many days since I last posted have truly flown by and I’m also another year older, as it was my 44th birthday on Thusday. I had a truly wonderful day spent with the best people. I got lots of cards and some wonderful gifts including clothes, nightwear, make up, toiletries, chocolates, alcohol and even an A4 framed picture of Jason Momoa 😍😛 (see picture below)


He’s wonderful isn’t he and you’re all thankful that I shared…
I know I know you’re so welcome 😏😁

I had just over 4000 calories, Which is a lot although nowhere near what I used to eat and my birthday & Christmas day are the only two days I have truly what I want all day, this year it included pizza, burger & chips, a piece cheesecake, a few chocolates and alcohol.

My daughter did my make up  & curled my hair and I truly felt pretty, so I of course had to take lots of selfies. (see pictures below)

Some of my presents & food. 

Make up & new top selfie.

Make up & new nightie selfie 

It was a truly wonderful day. I can’t thank my family & friends enough for making it special for me. All that’s left to say about it is roll on turning 45 😏

What else has happened recently 🤔

Well…. I got weighed again on the 17th June and I have lost another 2 and a half pound of the stone I gained so that’s 8.5lbs in 10 weeks. Which is great and I’m happy with that though I’ve decided to adjust my calories slightly and will talk about that in another post to explain fully but since my birthday I’ve been fully under my calorie allowance and I’m very positive about going forward though my next weigh in isn’t till October it will mark 3 years since my heaviest weight was recorded.

I finally finished the college course unit yesterday despite getting an extra week to do it, it took me to the last day to complete it, I have till the 10th before the next unit is due so a few days to rest my brain I think.

Today has been pretty quiet day still doing my sitting tolerance in the wheelchair but I’ve decided to do a post about that separately as there is a lot I want to bring up that I didn’t realise so look out for that. I’m currently wondering what to do this evening maybe I’ll go look for a film to watch I think.

Hope you’re all well and being the best you, you can be.

Lainie x