Do you know where the fat goes, when you lose weight?

Maybe you burn it and it turns into heat, maybe it all comes out in our stools or maybe you just don’t know and had never thought about it. I was in the latter of those suggestions before I started my healthier lifestyle

The truth is none of the answers above are correct. Let me explain…..

We inhale oxygen (O2) we exhale Carbon Dioxide & Oxygen (CO2). The carbon dioxide comes from the food we eat, so the majority about 85% of the weight we lose is exhaled out when we breath, the rest comes out in water from our bodies whether that is through urine or sweat etc.

Sadly we can’t just breath more to get rid of the weight, but wouldn’t that be great if we could, however only thing you would achieve really is passing out because of hyperventilating, so what it boils down to is eating less and moving a little more. This doesn’t mean you need to go on a drastic low calorie diet or a drastic exercise plan, in fact I can’t exercise at all and I’m still losing weight. I would like to exercise because it really is good for a healthy body and mind and if I ever do get to the stage that I can, I’d choose stuff I like, for instance dancing or swimming etc.

It really is amazing how our bodies work and it really does fascinate me since changing to a healthier lifestyle. May I suggest you watch a Ted Talk by Ruben Meeran, which is where most of this information comes from, I think it helps to watch him explain it fully as it can make you understand, plus he explains it in greater detail. I realise now Knowledge is power, I never understood that saying until the last year or so, the more I know and learn, the more it helps me to understand and that helps me to keep breathing out the fat.