I’m sitting here thinking where do I start with this post, so I figured I will start by telling you who or should I say what Rita and Meccano are… well Rita is my stand aid and Meccano is my electric wheelchair, I will explain fully why I have named them that further down but basically this blog post is just to update everything as I have had a lot of appointments and life stuff going on etc, so I will break it down as best as I can.

As I mentioned in my last blog it was my birthday recently, so another year older, time really does go by so fast. My parents health is continuing to decline with age etc, it’s really hard, as I feel so guilty that I can’t help them as I should but that guilt won’t get me anywhere, so I have to push it away and focus on doing as much as I can to get to see them more, though I speak to them every day, it isn’t the same as being there.

Weight loss 
To be honest there isn’t really anything I can add to this, I still haven’t been able to get weighed was hoping to do so before my birthday but it didn’t happen, It would be good to get weighed this month but if not possible, I’m not gonna worry as there is little I can do. I know if I don’t get weighed in October I will be gutted as it will be two years from my heaviest recorded weight, so fingers crossed.


Knee specialist
Well I went to see the knee specialist and the basis is that he will replace my knees but not at my current weight, which I was expecting and I am just pleased there is hope, so I have to go back in 6 months.

A lot has happened in the past 6-8 weeks since I last updated, the first being I have stood up 🙂 which is great it’s been painful and frustrating but I am so happy. I did use the walker to stand but they have brought in a stand aid or Rita as she is a Return 7000i and it sounded like they said Rit er when they mentioned it, so yeah a 43 year old woman naming pieces of equipment ha. Rita isn’t the only one, I also got an electric wheelchair, which I have named Meccano because there is about 20 thousand nuts and bolts on it, so hence the name, you have to be over a certain age to remember that toy.

Last week my physio decided to bring in a re-ablement service to practise my stands every day, so they have now been coming for a week, I have gone from doing two 5 second stands to doing two 12 second stands, today however my knees are not playing ball and are painful on the slightest movement, so day off from the stands but hopefully will crack on tomorrow again, The aim is using Rita, I will be able to transfer so it’s not about how many stands I do but building up my standing tolerance enough so I can transfer into my wheelchair (Meccano lol) and escape this room.

Had my eye test at home, it’s great they can do that now and It turned out I needed reading glasses as I was getting blood shot eyes which used to ache a lot and it’s been fine since, I will need an eye test yearly as my Dad has issues with his vision but other than that it’s sorted.

Sleep Apnea
I was diagnosed with this about 8 years ago and I have tried numerous times to use a cpap machine, it blows air into your airway to stop it from closing but just as I am relaxing to fall asleep my mouth drops and I feel like I am choking on it. so I have oxygen at night as my sats drop when I’m asleep, I see the oxygen nurse every 6 months and was recently retested via a blood test and my levels have improved which was good, I hope as I keep losing weight it will continue to do so.

I have recently changed doctors as my previous one was not very helpful and hadn’t for years, I should have changed over ages ago, anyway I had a blood test and it turns out my inflammatory markers are high and have been for years which I never knew, she said it could be just down to my chronic condition but wanted to re do bloods in a month and add a couple of other tests. I was also taken off the water tablets I have been on for over a year, despite asking my previous doctor to do this, I have to say I have seen a change in my legs they feel heavier and more lumpy but the lymphdema nurse said it won’t affect it so i’m not sure what’s going, shes coming back out at the end of the month so I will see what they are like then.

Mental health nurse, I have been having cognitive behaviour training, though I think I have worked through the majority of things, I still think with the on going issues that I have, this is helping me a lot, sometimes it helps to have a different persons perspective to as when we are close to a situation we tend to struggle with dealing with it.

So last week I went to hospital as a day case and had 4 teeth removed, today I have had a mould made, as I currently have a bridge that covers 7 of my teeth, it is loose which is no surprise as it’s been there 25 years so can’t complain, the other teeth around bar two had decayed and were removed. so they are making me a denture, so hopefully that will happen in the next few weeks, they will then remove the bridge and remove my teeth underneath which are just pegs to keep bridge in place and fingers crossed it will all work out well 🙂

so basically that’s about it I think but it is enough as I feel like I have had constant appointments lately everyday just about for the past few weeks in fact tomorrow I have 3 appointments, I am so grateful to everyone for there help and can’t thank them enough, things should hopefully slow down after this month, fingers crossed.

catch you all soon

Take care