Hello Everyone,

It is New Years Eve and I’m about to have a few alcoholic beverages (hic) and tasty treats to see in the new year, but I wanted to do a quick catch up post and also wish everyone a spectacular new year, this year has been the hardest but the most proudest of my whole life. I’m not doing resolutions for the coming year but instead continuing and improving the changes I have made so far in every area of my life. I hope you all are looking forward and are able to make the changes you need in your life. I hope you all had a fab Christmas and that Santa was good to you, assuming you were good that is.

My Christmas was quiet but still nice got some lovely gifts from friends and family, My brother made a beautiful dinner which I had to much of and I had extras on Christmas eve night, all Christmas day and boxing day, then back to normal till tonight on the 27th I was meant to go to the hospital to see the consultant but unfortunately again I had issue with the patient transport, so after waiting till 3.30pm I had to get a new appointment which is now for the 10th Jan and although it’s frustrating I’m trying to look for the positives in that it gives me a few days to undo any damage I may have done and the day after my appointment it will be a year to the day I went into hospital so hopefully I will get to that appointment and get weighed (fingers and everything crossed) anyway I will be back with a year update on the 11th, I wish you all a very happy new year and hope you & yours are safe, whatever you do.

Best wish always