Weight Loss Surgery

So as I said in a previous post, I was offered weight loss surgery again and well I have gone over it and over it, to the point of doing my own head in, deciding whether it is the right move forward or not and after speaking to a few people, close to me and getting as much information as I could from the consultant. I have decided that it is the best option for me, I’ve weighed up (literally) the pros and cons & thought that anything I can do that can help me I should do, whilst I know right now  I’m losing weight on my own & even though there was a part of me that thought I’ve got this now, but I  haven’t really been faced with anything that could affect that progress.

So yeah like everyone there’s been lots of frustrations and to be honest this alone would have been enough in the past, it would have had me shoveling in the food, and though I admit it has been really hard at times, where all I could think of was eating and felt like I’d had nothing. I knew logically that wasn’t the case and got through it, I just said to myself if you’re still this hungry in the morning you can have summit, but it really worries me that I won’t be able to stop it, so I guess that’s the main reason I said yes.

The others are having lost 16 stone, I still need to lose at least that again and that will help my joints, bmi, major organs etc and though I’m scared and hoping all goes well with no big side affects then it can only be for the better and I promised myself that I would do anything to help myself whether painful, hard or upsetting. so as soon as I have a date, I will let you know and now that I have made the decision I’m gonna let it go till I need to think abut it again because I’m so sick of thinking about it.


I have had loads of them as we all have but the main one right now is my lack of mobility, I was doing so well and then bam my legs decided they don’t wanna play no more, I have lymphademas which are tissue and fluid lumps basically they are caused because my lymphatic system doesn’t work properly, your lymphatic system flushes fluid through your body continually and then out, only mine gathers into the lymphademas which have formed and become solid and painful, not only that it’s been throughout my legs this time and especially my knees and one hip to the point that just standing for a few seconds was so painful it was bringing me to tears, this has been so frustrating because I feel like I have gone backwards  and I started to wonder if things would get better again, I take water tablets but these didn’t seem to be helping at all, so I am now back on the magic mattress, which tips side to side every tens minutes, it helps to move the compressed fluid as well has help prevent pressure sores due to lack of mobility and it has done a grand job as touch wood I have managed to stand and do two steps on the spot, I can still feel the pain but no where near as bad, and my legs are not solid and compacted, so the fact that the bed is noisy, over hot and annoying is a small price to pay to remain on my feet.