Well where do I start, what a few days, I am still waiting for the mattress change and a few other things but I’m trying not to dwell on the things I can’t change, I had an appointment at hospital and had spent the last couple of weeks chewing about it, thinking it wouldn’t show I’d lost weight even though I knew I hadn’t eaten anything wrong but that nagging self doubt is awful plus your body does change constantly and I do have fluid retention so I was worried it wouldn’t show, but I needn’t of worried as I lost 3kg making my total weight loss half a pound off 16 stone so I was so happy with that.

Two other things to mention the consultant at the hospital wanted to put me forward for a gastric bypass. I have agreed as I know nothing would happen overnight but I really don’t know what to do as I can see positives and negatives. All I have done is think about it and I am trying so hard to let it go right now, until there is something in writing, I will then make my final decision  (so right now brain ssshhh).

On a lighter note and a horrifically embarrassing one, when I had got back on the ambulance stretcher to go home, they strap you on for safety and there was very little room in the examination room we were in so the paramedic had to squeeze past between the bottom of the stretcher and the door, my feet hang out at an angle and I tried to pull my foot in and being strapped down my leg just rebounded straight back and I literally toe poked the paramedic straight in the Penis 🙈 😳 😂 👉 👣 Omg I was so horrified, thankfully he just laughed it off, as have I now and everyone who knows me, of all the things that could happen, honestly only me…. haha