Well I got my Smear test result which came back normal (whoop), which is a total relief I have to say, to be honest I was probably expecting inconclusive or summit as she had trouble getting it (as you will know if you read my blog post cervical scrap) but as I said before if yours is due to be done get it sorted.

I still haven’t heard anymore about changing the mattress as yet but I intend to chase it up tomorrow (Monday), I’m doing my own head in a bit at the minute, you know when you feel like all you do is whine and none of it’s really big stuff, like they say don’t sweat the small stuff but we do it all the time. I have a few sweat rashes, the mattress, I feel stuck again in my room (cos I am), the heat, knee pain, other pains, family stuff, the life the universe and everything, Since I’m whinging I think I’ll let you know of a few things that bug me, right here we go……

Jesus Sandals
To be more specific it’s Jesus sandals on men, this also includes flip flops (thong style) the one with the thick band across is fine, I think they look awful and when wore with socks I’m like even more disgusted in fact my own brother has been disowned 😂 for this very reason. It’s just wrong and it should be illegal, I mean who wants to see hairy toes on display 😲

What is the reason for them being on earth? anyone?!?! I think it may be to freak me out, in my old house they used to come in all the time. I’d find them climbing or should I say slimeing up my walls or making patterns on my carpet. One night I woke up to go to the toilet as I took a step from my bed I stood on one now to say I freaked out is an understatement but I quickly went to the toilet, cleaned my foot and got back into bed, thinking I’d deal with the squashed slug in the morning, now as you know I’m a big girl and so I was thinking it was going to be pretty splatted to my carpet but when I woke up the next day it had disappeared, WTF!!! I didn’t realize that slugs did voodoo magic but it somehow must of came back to life, I have thought about this and if by some miracle it didn’t die and it wasn’t voodoo,  them it has at least got to be a bit misshaped and judging by the amount of slime that was left on my carpet, I reckon it was no longer leaving slug trails anymore….

Asking for numbers on facebook.
This really bugs me, because the time it takes to type it on facebook is the time it takes to type it in google but then you get an instant reply because google is great like that. The reason I feel people do it, is it’s a way of letting there fb friends know what they are up to, for instance they’ll having a takeaway or getting a haircut and so on etc, now if someone is asking for a recommendation that’s fine but no it’s when they ask for the number of a certain place, just use bloody google man like the rest of us!!!

Spelling Names Wrong
Hold on a second till I explain this, before all the none spelling police have a go, I am only referring to this when the name is written in front of you and then people still write it wrong, I sometimes think it’s like they really aren’t arsed typing to you really and so they don’t pay attention to what they writing , I am not the best at spelling etc but it really bugs me when people type Lainey when my name is clearly written in front of them!

I have many others as don’t we all but the list would be endless and it’s now 2am the heat is driving me to distraction again but I’m gonna try and sleep now. I hope you’re all sound asleep now. Please feel free to comment with any of the things that bug you, just a bit of lighthearted fun though 😉

Take Care, Stay Safe
Lainey 😉 ha ha