I quite often have weird Ideas, my own daft thoughts that I laugh at and share sometimes like formula one racing the obstacle version, because ha’way really, the whole round and round is so boring avoiding the odd bale of hay and little old lady in a scooter would just make it watchable or at least if they went backwards round, it would be a start or what about tennis they could bat various fruits in turn at each other and if it stays together enough to stain their white tennis gear then they’d get a point and some juice (see what I did there), my daughter probably wishes I wouldn’t expand on them like today for instance, I suddenly thought ah its a shame I’m never gonna win an Olympic medal so instead of just moving on from that I thought I know I’ll start a fat Olympics and we could have our own events, so instead of the triathlon a group of bigger people from different countries, would instead of cycle, swim and run have to pick up, unwrap and eat in the quickest time and the javelin would be see how far you can reach your plate the further it’s moved away using only your fork, and then the ultimate events which are the 100m sprint of course we’d call that the 100ml sweat instead, I don’t think I need to explain that one and then for the finale the 4×4 would be all the countries eating different things in order to qualify, for the chocolate bar final where each team has a very long Toblerone and they have to eat down to a set marker (divided into 4 equally) and once the first has eaten to his marker and stopped chewing the next one can start and so on, until they all finish in that team and then they win if they are the quickest, but if they eat over their marker they can be disqualified, we can have Olympic medals like those chocolate coins you get as a kid and it will give us something to eat while we’re standing on the podium hearing our national anthem, I’m loving it by the Mackie D crew…. anyway I think its best I shut up now. 😉😂

Just in case ….. this isn’t serious as the serious ones are much worse, I can’t wait to take my armpit airers and my toe nail curlers on dragons den. 😊